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The memory of losing someone you love will forever scar a huge portion of your thoughts. Losing a loved one is something we all find great difficulty in coping with. I personally can relate as after I lost my husband in a fatal car accident, he only thing that helped me cope was food. Whenever the thoughts of my husband flooded my head and the downpour of tears just never seem to end, I decided to distract myself with the images of food. Juicy meatballs, creamy cheesy pastas, mashed potatoes, sweet pastries and chocolate cake. The more I thought about food the less I thought about my husband sweet smile that I will no longer see again.

Everybody has their own way of coping with a loss of a loved, some turn to alcohol and drugs while others choose to just lock themselves away and others who are like me have chosen food as a coping mechanism.  When I lost my husband, I was a size 34 and in the past 8 years since, I have comforted myself to an enormous ………kgs.

Soon my health started to concern me and one day my child said something to me that changed my life, those words were, ‘’mummy why do you not love me anymore because you do not have any time to play with me’’. At that moment, I was knocked back to reality and realized I am losing so much in life and most of all hurt my dear child in the process. From that moment, I decided to lose weight. I have tried everything and believe me if I had the finances I would have even tried liposuction. I tried eating healthy and even invested in exercise equipment, nothing seemed to help me.

Then one day while browsing the web I came across The Secret Fat Burner and at first, I honestly brushed it off because I felt at that moment nothing will really help. But as I kept browsing the Secret Fat Burner kept popping up so eventually I clicked on it, read up on the product, read reviews and what really impressed me when I read the reviews of most people is the fact that they took the weight loss supplement and did not need to exercise or be on a diet, so I decide why not, let me give it a try.

On the first week of trying the product I honestly lost 5kgs, and I continued to move forward, my moods improved and even the people around me noticed the change. And you know from my experience I can honestly tell you that you do not need to be on some fancy eating plan to lose weight or to go to the gym and exercise.

All I did was follow the manufacturer’s instructions and I did eat as normal but as taking the Secret Fat burner, my appetite was suppressed and there was no feeling to snack at any time or when I became depressed. I went for daily walks with my kid that was my exercise routine. I just kept motivated and pushed myself to keep moving forward, and I gradually lost weight and got my health back on track. I felt more confident, had more energy and I really felt like a new person.

This was only possible because of the Secret Fat Burner, I honestly can say it is a diet supplement that works, it worked for me so it can help someone who is currently battling with weight loss. Thank you, Secret Fat Burner, for giving me confidence in myself and helping me lose that weight.